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Well look no further my friends. Whether you need top-notch drum sheet music for practicing, gigs, teaching, or learning you have found your answer. Welcome to Classic Rock Drum Charts.

Drum Sheet Music

No matter your current drumming skills, you can always get BETTER. And playing drum sheet music is one of the quickest and most fun ways to accelerate yourself on the path to becoming a great drummer.

That's what this site is all about--providing you with the resources to help you become the best drummer you can be.

Ready to get started? Then let's do it. Use the following link to go straight to our library of drum music, or click below according to your drumming experience and be taken to our drumming headquarters respective to that level.

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Advanced Drum Playing

Or, if you prefer, take a little bit more time to get acquainted to CRDC. Read on below to find out more about us at CRDC and everything else you'll find on this site.

A Bit About Us

James Morton

My name is Kevin, I'm on the left there in the headquarters pictures up above, and that's my dad, James Morton, on the right. (That's him back in the day in the picture on the left too). He's been drumming for around 50 years. I can't believe it, but that's well over twice as long as I've been alive!

In the early '80s he created the "Rock Charts" column for Modern Drummer magazine and that, along with transcriptions he wrote gradually over the course of his career, has evolved into the library of drum music you'll find on this site.

What this means is that you know you're getting high-quality, professional grade sheet music when you use the drum notation on this site. You can trust in the transcriptions of a man who has been drumming professionally for decades, has published a dozen Mel Bay drum music books, and has penned charts for Modern Drummer. It's quality you can count on.

Teachers, Students, Professionals, and Beginners

Drum sheet music is one of the best learning tools for drummers at every level. The versatility it offers presents the chance to fine tune all sorts of skills, from reading to timing, sticking, familiarization, etc.

Gigging drummers often use drum sheet music to expand their repertoire of songs, making them more valuable to bands who would hire them. A drummer who is solid with the songs in our library is a valuable commodity to many hiring bands. Preparation is key to success in just about everything, and for gigging drummers, our drum music provides an invaluable preparation resource.

At the same time though, drum charts are fantastic learning tools for drum students of all levels, and by the same token, for drum teachers as well. My dad has found this out from a good deal of experience. He started teaching drums privately to aspiring drummers in the early 70s and he's been doing it ever since. In addition, he's written Mel Bay instructional books, and now even teaches at a local college in San Diego, in addition to privately in his home studio.

Drum Sheet Music

He's always said that one of his favorite ways to teach students is to have them play drum charts. They develop and fine tune their reading while picking up on the nuances of the songs they play, tunes that established drummers have mastered before them.

Read this page for more on what my dad has to say about teaching drums.

Many of my dad's past students are professionals themselves now-- playing gigs and shows from Broadway to Vegas--and many of them are still playing the classics they first played with him using the charts on this site--except now they're performing them! You can read about how one student used drum sheet music to get over the hump to success here.

So whether you're a new drummer who just bought your first pair of sticks this morning, or you're already a savvy pro with a music contract to boot, reading (or just learning how to read) and playing the drum set music provided on this site can improve and sharpen your skills immensely.

The path to becoming a great drummer is here in front of you. It's just up to you to walk it.

You can start your journey by examining all the other resources CRDC offers you, in addition to great drum sheet music, below:

Drum Videos, Lessons, Articles, Tips, and More

Resources beyond drum sheet music:

  • Enjoy free video drum lessons taught by James Morton (with me manning the camera, of course).
  • Browse insightful drum articles with tips and tricks for helping you hone your skills.
  • Watch more drum videos packed with rock history and enough drumming awesomeness to inspire you all the way to the top of the pedestal
  • Challenge yourself with music quizzes to test your drumming and rock knowledge.
  • Get a good laugh out of this collection of music jokes to healthily poke fun at yourself as a drummer and musician.
  • Utilize the complete collection of all of my dad's drum music books

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    What Others Are Saying

    "All the charts you wrote that have appeared on the pages of Modern Drummer have helped me in my development."

      -Fernando Martin

    "As always, I love the charts and find them invaluable as a professional drummer and instructor... I appreciate your guys' correspondence and kindness...."

      -Rick Corwin
      East Northport, NY

    "'I'm a music instructor and You Can Teach Yourself Drums is one of the most visually friendly and comprehensive books for drumming that I've used."

      -Chris Weir
      Tuscaloosa, AL

    "I have a very good selection of your charts from over the years and have enjoyed playing them to CD's and with the oldies rock bands."

      -Mike Sheahan
      Phoenix, AZ

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